Why should I pay for your service when I can find government opportunities for free online?
Most companies are doing more with less these days. It can take hours - days - to find the time to research government RFP requests - if you can find them. By then, other companies may already be two steps ahead of you.

Public Purchase sends targeted information directly to your inbox each day. You know you are given precisely the RFP's that apply to your sector and your product or service. Just one winning RFP could EASILY pay for our service.

How do you obtain your government agency information?
There are many sources for government information - government agency websites, newspapers, contract reports, electronic data feeds and downloads, to name just a few. Public Purchase uses the latest technologies to scan tens of thousands of bid opportunities and present the ones that target your specific business needs.

How many government agencies and industry categories do you cover?
Currently, we cover 9,130 government agencies that bid across 308 industry categories. State and local government bids - sought after by a smaller group of vendors and therefore easier to win - are also available for a subscription fee.

Why is this a good time to go after government contracts?
The government is by far the nation's largest customer. And now more so than ever! The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) was designed to spur economic growth in the midst of a deep nationwide recession. The price tag - $787 BILLION - has led to soaring federal spending, and federal bids across almost every industry.

For the construction industry alone, the law allocates $150 billion to repair our country's bridges, roads and mass transit systems. The time is now for those in EVERY INDUSTRY to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity.

How do you match the bid to our notification preferences?
We look at a number of factors such as industry selection and geographic preferences, and then filter down according to specific product and service keywords. We then send active sales leads and upcoming bids directly to your email inbox.

As a small business, is your service a good fit for us?
Most government sales opportunities under $100,000 are exclusively set aside for small businesses. In fact, last year alone, small businesses received a record $93.3 billion in sales from the federal government. It is certainly worth your while to bid for government contracts.

Is it worth my while to "upgrade" to Bid Syndication?
Yes, if you want to take advantage of maximum opportunities and convenience. Instead of 210 government agencies, you can gain access to 7,590+ agencies, filtered by your business service/product and sector and delivered straight to your mailbox.

Is your service confined to just one person or can the entire company use it?
There is absolutely no limit to the number of users per company.

What if I forget my username or password?
If you forget your username, email customer support at support@publicpurchase.com. We will get back to you quickly, usually within a few hours.

If you forget your password, click on the "login" button. On the login screen, towards the bottom, click on the link entitled "Get help with your password." Then enter your username or email address and click on the "email instructions." You'll receive a message to your registered email address information on how to reset your password - which must be changed due to security concern.

How do I contact you or the government agency to which I've bid?
Chat with us online.
During regular business hours (M-F, 7am - 4pm MST), you can chat online with support personnel by clicking "Chat" in the top-left corner of any Public Purchase page.

Email directly
Contact Public Purchase via email at support@publicpurchase.com for any assistance.

Contacting the Government Agency
The Public Purchase system allows vendors to contact the government agencies directly. You will need to have an account set up with Public Purchase, and you will need to login to that account. Click the title of the bid you are interested in contacting the agency about. The agency's contact information will be in the box in the upper portion of the page. You can contact them via email or phone. Or, if you have a question regarding the bid, you can ask it through the Questions links in the box to the right of the page.

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