Tired of looking for business opportunities? Don't waste your company's valuable time. Let us go to work for you! Our Bid syndication completely automates the government bid market place.Our proprietary system syndicates this market by scanning and syndicating thousands of Governments Bid Boards across the Nation. You can find 192,000+ bid opportunities from over 18,290+ Government Institutions on a daily basis. While these numbers present countless business opportunities they can be daunting. You simply choose classification codes that match your business and geographical regions you are interested in and our system does the rest. Our process finds only those bids you are interested in and sends them directly to you. No more wasted time searching for opportunities! It's now waiting for you in your Inbox. This is a THREE-TRILLION DOLLAR a year industry. What part of it is YOURS?


  • No more researching Bid Opportunities
  • More efficient use of your time winning the business
  • 192,000+ bid opportunities
  • 18,290+ Government Institutions. New Agencies added regularly
  • Receive daily notifications for products and services you sell


  • Email notifications daily or weekly
  • Easy to use system to find these opportunities
  • Respond to some bids electronically
  • Duplicate record of all emails sent
  • Comprehensive search tool if needed

For more than 27 years, we have helped businesses grow and succeed in the government-contracting marketplace.

There are more than 92,000 agencies across the nation in all levels of the government that publish bids for the products and services they need to buy. Some of these agency types include.
  • Federal, State, City, County and Town Agencies
  • Colleges, Universities and School Districts
  • Hospitals and Correctional Facilities
  • Water Districts and Public Utilities
  • Police and Fire Departments

These bids come from all over - ranging from government agency websites, newspapers and contract reporters to electronic data feeds and downloads

Our bids come from thousands of sources:
  • Government Websites
  • State Contract Reporters
  • Agencies send us their bids directly
  • Newspapers
  • We provide exclusive bids from our unique network of government purchasing agencies

Using our proprietary system, our research team monitors, identifies, and evaluates bid opportunities and government information from tens of thousands of government agencies. We target the bids to meet your specific region and business needs.

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